fresh. light. fun

Delicious fun, just for you.


At Berry Delight, our story begins with a yogurt lover who wanted to give people an alternative to all those gut-busting pizza slices and cinnamon rolls found at the mall – a treat that’s lighter and fresher but still fun.

We’ve never wavered from our founder’s commitment to offer customers the absolute best frozen yogurt experience at a great price. But that’s just the start. We just can’t help but do things a little differently, and a lot better. We use only high-quality, premium yogurt. We source from local suppliers, so our customers can help support regional farms and orchards. Our fruit is delivered fresh every two days – not every week, like at many yogurt shops. We hand-wash and air-dry our fruit, instead of storing it in a soggy, icy bath.

Really, though, Berry Delight is less about us and more about you. When you visit, you’ll discover the joy of putting together your own perfect combination to suit your mood and tastes. Pick from a rainbow of delicious, creamy yogurt flavors – even select organics you can’t find anywhere else. Top it off with mouthwatering fresh fruits and sweet treats – a colorful variety that’s always filled with new surprises. We weigh it, you enjoy it.

So stop in soon. We’ll be here, ready to add a little fresh, light fun to your day.